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ICON Pebble Custom Premium Seat Cool Touch Base with Stretch Hex Pattern and Chestnut Stitching


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ICON Pebble Custom Premium Seat Cool Touch Base with Stretch Hex Pattern and Chestnut Stitching are made with quality, convenience, comfort, style, and more to give you the freedom of choice in your seats!

We're proud to offer a BRAND NEW ICON Pebble Custom Premium Seat Cool Touch Base with Stretch Hex Pattern and Chestnut Stitching that gives you the power of choice to meet your style, match your cart, and tailor your seats to stand out from the rest. We've kept you in mind 100% of the way, the Custom Seats were created to last for years to come without worry of fading or cracks thanks to the Marine Grade Vinyl material. Each seat you have the power to make truly one of a kind to match your one of a kind style and personality. Our hand sewn outer covers and machine stitched pattern inlays deliver both style and precision. Each seat is also made with 100% Virgin Foam - you truly won't find a more comfortable ride without it, and your passengers will thank you too! 

Please Note: Only Forward Facing Rows will have the premium pockets and headrest. All rear facing seats will be comfort. 

  • Weather & UV Resistant Marine Grade Vinyl for A+ Durability

  • 100% Virgin Foam, Thicker than Standard Seats for a comfortable ride

  • Hand Sewn Outer Cover for a one of a kind look and feel

  • Machined Stitched Pattern Inlays for ever lasting details

  • Exterior Fir Baseboard & Seatback


  • Simple Bolt-on Design, No Cutting Required, Easy Installation

  • Made in the USA with pride

Designed and made for your ICON Golf Carts!

  • Models Include: i20, i20U, i20L, i40, i40F, i40L, i60, i60F, i60L

Your Seats. 100% Your Style!

Why Choose a 'COOL TOUCH' base for your next Custom Seat?

Aren't you tired of enjoying a sunny day, riding in your ICON golf cart.. but any time you get up, walk away and come back, for ANY amount of time your seats somehow feel scorching hot? This Cool Touch Marine Grade Vinyl material completely changes that - your seats will be up to 25% COOLER, so you don't get that hot burn anytime you sit down when the sun is out and you are about! Do you like to take your ICON golf cart out on the beach? It's salt water resistant. Do you have kids who love to swim in the towns pool? Do you pick them up in your golf cart? These seats are water AND chlorine resistant! Do you have friends over and like to ride around with them while eating some pizza or sharing a drink? Never worry about spills, spots, or stains, because this material is SO easy to clean!


  • Up to 25% Cooler than your average seat!

  • Durability that exceeds any OEM Seat! How? Oil resistant, Water resistant, UV resistant, Tear resistant, Abrasion resistant, Chlorine resistant... IT'S RESISTANT!

  • Designed to last 1,600+ Hours

  • Easy to clean and maintain! Never worry when your kids (or your neighbor Carl) spills, drops, or are plain ole' messy in your cart!

  • Reflect up to 80% of UV + Sunlight (The reason it stays COOL)

Extra Information

Compatible Make:
Compatible Model:
i20, i20U, i20L, i40, i40F, i40L, i60, i60F, i60L
Part Type:
Custom Seats
Shipping Availability:
Seats Ship Between 7-14 Business Days